The Gap

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Holy Canoli! Where did November run off to? I feel like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating Halloween and now Thanksgiving is over and my tree is up and I am getting ready to wrap all my presents! Although to be fair, I did put my Christmas tree up super duper early this year… as in a week before Thanksgiving – but only because I had a Premier Jewelry and Norwex Party – but that is all beside the point, ONTO THE IMPORTANT STUFF!
God has really been working on my heart and mind lately and calling me to do something great with my life. Not great like – lets go to Africa and be a missionary and change a bunch of starving African Children lives great – but it will still be great. I have been so inspired by women who live their lives according to the bible and are total rockstars at Biblical Homemaking. It is kind of a radical way to live and it is a total lifestyle change (a change that my husband is on board with!). One of my favorite biblical lifestyle blogs is Biblical Homemaking by Mandy B. She glorifies God with everything her and her family does. I want my life and my husbands life to glorify the Lord in everything we do – I want us to shine Christ’s light into our little community.
We have lots of plans that I can’t wait to share with you (that may include some building and growing – both in the very literal terms and the more spiritual ways) – but not yet, I have a few things I need to sort out before I can share it with the world 😉 But Something I can share with you is about how strongly I feel the Lord calling me to be a leader and make things happen! A few years ago, a group of very cool spiritual healers (AKA people who have been Uber blessed with loads of spiritual gifts) came to Omaha and I had the pleasure of sitting in on a little meeting they were having – well the guy in charge of this told me that I would one day be called to “bridge the gap between the young and the old.” That I will lead people to Christ and enlighten their worlds with my words and my actions. His exact words were ” I see you standing in a room of darkness, but then when you start talking – lights start coming on , spot lights. Lighting up the room, spotlighting people as they hear your words, until the whole room is full of light and warmth.” Pretty Cool huh? Well I took this to mean that I am to be leading a youth group or something.
 But that Gap specifically – the gap that happens to kids when they graduate from the youth programs in church and before they get to be super involved with being a church elder or join the old lady tea time and prayers in the church meeting room on tuesday mornings at 7 am.What happens to all those people lost in the in-between? Growing up I had always been in a church that had so many options for those 20-40 somethings; I didn’t realize how big of a problem it actually is. Now, I am in a community where the only thing us In-Betweeners have is the bar and occasional party, that always involves alcohol. The last few months, I have been so discouraged – looking for somewhere to belong and coming up empty handed. Jacob and I stopped going to church regularly and I just felt broken – something was missing in my life. I figured out that that something is community, a group of people who can be partners in accountability with my husband and I. People who can encourage and guide each other through our various stages of life. 
My mom, bless her heart, told me that what I was looking for was right in front of my face – I just wasn’t wanting to see it. Then the next day (this past Monday), I came across this article from Relevant Magazine – it’s like God spoke to me and smacked me in the face with His answer to my prayers. The words I read popped out of the page and engraved themselves in my brain.


“A few years ago, my wife, myself and a few others began a young adult small group at our church. There was nothing for young adults before that. We were not pastors yet, we were just a bunch of people who love this generation and wanted them to know that. Three years later, we have a growing young adult movement in our church. That happened because a gap was filled instead of us going elsewhere to fill our needs.
Some people are not in the place to lead, so they go elsewhere to fill the needs in their lives. I get that, but if you are in a place to be a leader, lead where you are! How often do we miss opportunities to bring awareness to our local Bodies or make them more complete when we leave to fill our needs instead of leading to fill everyone’s needs?”
Cool, right? I know. God totally did some awesome stuff to me with that one. Could not get more obvious. So praise the Lord for His awesome power! Just wait until I can tell you some of the other things the Lord has been leading Jacob and I to do – I bet your world will be blown open just like ours has. 
Until next time (which, I promise will be sooner than a month away) -Emily
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