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RAGBRAI 2015 Slip and Slide DIY

Can you believe it is the end of July already? It seems like this summer is flying by! But the good news is that with the end of July also comes RAGBRAI week. Now if you have been reading my column all year, you may remember that one of my goals this year was to ride RAGBRAI again. But since I am 20 weeks pregnant, that is NOT going to be happening. Too hot for mamas to be riding 60+ miles a day. But I did get to get participate in some RAGBRAI fun up at Twin Lakes Golf Course on Monday afternoon at an off route anniversary party for Team Cockroach, Team Angry, Team Checker, and my team – Team Spin. These teams have all been riding in annual bike ride across Iowa for 25, 20, 20, and 20 years (respectively). So of course they had to have an amazing party to commemorate the special occasion. There was food, drinks, music, dancing, and best of all – A GIANT SLIP AND SLIDE on the 1st hole at the golf course! And guess what, it was super simple to make if you can find all of the supplies.

For this super summer outdoor slip and slide you will need:

A BIG hill

A BIG tarp – We used one of those big grain storage bags. They are about 100 ft long and 50ft wide. You can usually convince a neighbor farmer who used them to let you have one because there is no good way to dispose of them yet and they are not reusable. Just a warning though – they weigh almost 500 pounds. So you will also need…

10-15 strong people

10-20 hay bales

2+ hoses

Lots of Dawn Soap

Get all those strong people to help you position the tarp long ways down the hill. Then space the hay bales evenly down each edge and tuck them underneath the tarp. This will help create walls to keep the water and the people on the tarp. What is also great about using the heavy grain bags is that you don’t have secure it to the ground because it is so heavy, it won’t be able to move.slipnslide RAGBRAI2015

The hard part is over, now you just pour some dish soap all over the tarp, set the hoses at the top and get to slipping and sliding! A note on the soap- you CAN use any soap that you want – but Dawn is safe for the environment and it doesn’t contain latex like some cheaper brands do. If you are planning on letting lots of people use your slip and slide, it is safer to go with Dawn because then no one will have an allergic reaction to the soap. Trust me – been there done that. Hives from a super fun activity are THE WORST!

Be safe and have fun!

Until Next Time,

Emily B.

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