{ Patches }

This weekend I ventured to my craft room for the first time in over a month. (All creative brainpower takes the back burner when you have a baby). It was slightly frightening going through all the things piled up on the shelves. I always take these bleak winter months to reorganize and take inventory of all the supplies I have after such a busy crafting holiday season. And let me tell ya, I have a bunch of little projects I have been putting off. I had no idea I had let so many things pile up this year – apparently pregnant me thought that I would be more up to these little tasks when I had a new baby around. I must have lost my brain. Anyways though, one of the most annoying piles of things to do I found in my craft room was a big pile of my husbands jeans that need patched.

I don’t know about you, but I HATE fixing pants. Maybe its because once you patch them, they never really look right or maybe its because I really dislike the way knee patches feel against my knees. Or it could be that I have patched most of these particular jeans once before but they are all so old and my husband is so rough on them that the patched last maybe a month and then they rip out again or somewhere else. It might also be that it is such a monotonous job and I never have enough denim to patch all the holes.

But then I remembered a cute little craft that I could use on the pants – Monster Patches! To be honest, I haven’t actually done this yet because I think the hubs would be less than amused when his work jeans smile at him – but you could do this on your kiddos jeans or

leggings and it would be so cute! I got this tutorial from one of my favorite crafting sites – artbarblog.com. ( <<Click the link for the whole tutorial)

-Just trim the hole so that there are no frayed edges. Next, cut a colored piece of fabric twice as big as the hole. I used some old t-shirts thinking that the stretchiness would work well on the knees. Then I cut out teeth from white felt. The trickiest part was getting my hand inside those skinny little jeggings. After pinning the fabric to the jeans (and stabbing myself, like, 100 times), I used some embroidery floss and a large needle to hand sew around the mouth. I went around twice for stability. Lastly, I made two little eyes. –

See, super simple!!

Until Next Time,

Emily B.