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    Whirlwind of A(business)d-venture!

    See what I did there? Adventure. A business venture. A business adventure…. Never mind 😉 When I opened this store on October 1st, I just did it. I didn’t think through all the legalities and taxation things so I have spent the past 2 weeks playing catch up and goodness gracious it has been a lot but I think I am mostly caught up! AND I have been crafting my little fingers off every day, all day trying to make enough product so that I…

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    Welcome Home.

    Welcome to Joy Everlasting! There seems to be a point in our lives when we have to make a choice to either continue on as we have been or to change. Sometimes these changes are small – a hair cut, wall colors, perfume. But other times, they have to be big – lifestyles, occupations, homes. For the past year and a half, I have been struggling with some major writers block. Occasionally, I had an amazing idea only to be disappointed when I sat down to…