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    Testimony Tuesday : Faith W.

    Hello! I’m Faith. I’m married to Ben and have four not-so-babyish babies who keep the laughs (and groans) coming. God’s faithfulness to my family through the generations has been enormous; I’m always asking Him to open my eyes wider so I can see this more clearly, and He does.  The testimony I’m going to share today is the birth story of my youngest child, but it’s not just a birth story- it’s really a giving up and crying out story. Do you have any of…

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    Testimony Tuesday: Emily B

    Hey friends. Today is the first of many grace-filled Testimony Tuesdays. I have many wonderful women who are going to be sharing their God Story here with you every week – but I figured that to start things off, I would share mine with you. I’m not going to share every single little path on my faith journey – but I am going to be giving you the big life-changing moments. (The women who are sharing in the following weeks will share their stories however…

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    Testimony Tuesdays

    When God put it on my heart to go full time with this Ministry – I knew that my main goal would be to defeat the biggest lie that Satan likes to sneak into our hearts. That we are alone. That no one else has ever been through our trial and that it is shameful for us to share our struggles with our sisters in Christ.  I had this grand plan to have women from all stages of life come together on this blog to…