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    Hey, parents! Let’s get political.

    To start this off – TRIGGER WARNING. I’m going to talk about sexual assault. And politics. Both things tend to tick people off equally, so consider yourself warned. Have you turned on the news lately? Or opened up your Facebook Newsfeed? Or maybe you saw something on Snapchat. Unless you have literally been living off the power grid this week, you have heard that we – as a country – get to drag two human beings and their families through the mud to decide if…

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    To my daughter ( before you become a big sister… )

    But in a few short weeks, our days will be shared with someone else; a baby boy who will turn our world upside down. You keep telling me you are so excited - but I know that it will be hard for both of us. Our snuggle time will be shared with a little baby. Our time to cook together and learn the ABCs will be interrupted by a hungry little baby that needs to be fed and snuggled.

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    { Preparing for Easter }

    Today is only the first day of lent and my social media accounts have already been accosted with articles and blogs of things to fill your time with during these 40 days leading up to Easter. Usually, I try to just sit back and hold my tongue. To each their own. I can’t force my views on anyone. But a post just popped up that set me over the edge. The title “40 Things to Declutter from your Life during Lent.” I saw this and…

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    Rustic Chic Chore Chart

    Two summers ago my dear friend gave me a GORGEOUS 6 paned window that she had painted my favorite color – teal – and painted the glass with chalkboard paint. This beautiful window has been sitting behind my couch ever since then because I have had no idea what to do with it. Well folks – I finally know what to do! At one point I thought I would put the weeks meal plan on it because meal planning is all the rage and apparently…

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    Holiday Hangover

    This week, I write to you from the couch in my parents living room, surrounded by my family… My very loud family. As I sit here listening to the conversations, I can’t help but think about how much I appreciate these moments. When I was growing up and we were all living here together – I would have been begging to do anything other than get snowed in with everyone. But now, I want to sit here in my sweat pants, watching movies, drinking cocoa…