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    This is a short soliloquy about my love of October. ( Imagine I’m reading this aloud to you In a dramatic fashion.) *Open Scene* AAhhctober. You sweet sweet month of autumnal bliss. My soul longs for your arrival. My heart rejoices at the thought of pumpkins rotting on my front porch. Apples covered in so much cinnamon and carmel goop at every event, that my teeth might begin to rot. And overpriced Halloween candy lining the aisles of the grocery stores. The sound of combines…

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    If I Didn’t Instagram it, Did it Even Happen?

    A few weeks ago we went camping. In a tent. On a Wednesday. Yes, I went willingly – I even suggested it and got everything ready for it! No, I’m not kidding ( seriously mom, I wanted to do this) After my family went to bed I sat – staring at the fire- waiting for it to dwindle down. Watching the flames dance rainbow colors along the logs ( Thank you copper + Rubber tubes) and I had a strong, demanding urge to share a…

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    Why my LuLaRoe Journey has Come to an End.

    If you have come here for a post full of gossip and hatred, you have come to the wrong place. There will be no bashing. No shaming. No drama. Only love for a company that launched me into my new adventure. Brought me new friends who will last a lifetime. Strong, confident women who have encouraged me and built me up. LuLaRoe helped pull me out of the darkness that set in when I was stuck in a postpartum slump; it helped me find bits…