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    Hey, parents! Let’s get political.

    To start this off – TRIGGER WARNING. I’m going to talk about sexual assault. And politics. Both things tend to tick people off equally, so consider yourself warned. Have you turned on the news lately? Or opened up your Facebook Newsfeed? Or maybe you saw something on Snapchat. Unless you have literally been living off the power grid this week, you have heard that we – as a country – get to drag two human beings and their families through the mud to decide if…

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    To my daughter ( before you become a big sister… )

    But in a few short weeks, our days will be shared with someone else; a baby boy who will turn our world upside down. You keep telling me you are so excited - but I know that it will be hard for both of us. Our snuggle time will be shared with a little baby. Our time to cook together and learn the ABCs will be interrupted by a hungry little baby that needs to be fed and snuggled.