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    DIY Flower Crowns

    This week, I am going to teach you how to make flower crowns – a simple and fun way to use your spring flowers. With the kiddos getting out of school pretty soon, you may have a few little ones who want to play dress up. Or you yourself might want a springy addition to brighten your wardrobe. I even make these out of paper flowers for bridal and baby showers. They are really perfect for any summery occasion. If you don’t believe me, just…

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    Asparagus Pickles

    This past weekend I decided to take my own tips from last week and do some spring deep cleaning. As I was making my way down my list I got to my least favorite part – cleaning out the fridge. I clean out the leftovers and old produce every weekend, but this day, I would also be going through the jars. Know what I found? 9 jars of pickles living on the top shelf clear in the back where I can’t quite reach. 9 jars!!!…

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    Spring Cleaning Tips

    Happy May everyone! May is one of my favorite months because so many wonderful things happen – the birds sing to me every morning, flowers are blooming, the days are warm yet cool enough to open all the windows, no need for the heater or the AC, thunderstorms help me sleep and wash everything clean. Speaking of everything being clean, the beginning of May also means spring cleaning for me. I’m guessing you are planning some spring cleaning as well, so I have my top…