Joy Everlasting
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    Outdoor Drink Holder

    Tis the season for outdoor parties, yard games, and bonfires. I love spending time outside and having a nice cold drink with my friends. What I don’t love is when I have to set my drink on the ground and it inevitably tips over or gets kicked across the lawn. Nobody likes spilled drinks which is why I have come up with what I believe to be a brilliant solution. You will need: A large can (Wider is better than taller so think the mixed…

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    Tea Cup Bird Bath ( Or Butterfly Feeder!)

    I am so ready for warm weather!! I can’t wait to do 2 of my favorite warm weather things…. Gardening and Junktique-ing. You already know about my gardening so today we’re going to talk about junktique-ing. (Note- I might not have made that word up, I’m not really sure who started it, but I love it.) Last year when I was out digging through old barns and the dustiest parts of antique stores, I kept running across old, lonely dishes – tea cups, plates, vases,…